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In the old days, NFL owners were rich men who accepted the risk of losing money as the cost of doing business. Thanks to the popularity of the game, the NFL and its owners—with the collusion of politicians—have created what amounts to a risk-free business environment. According to Long’s data, a dozen teams received more public money than they needed to build their facilities. Rather than going into debt, they turned a profit.

The perfect example: Seven of every ten dollars spent to build CenturyLink Field in Seattle came from the taxpayers of Washington State, $390 million total. The owner, Paul Allen, pays the state $1 million per year in “rent” and collects most of the $200 million generated. If you are wondering how to become, like Allen, one of the richest humans on earth, negotiating such a lease would be a good start.

In New Orleans, taxpayers have bankrolled roughly a billion dollars to build then renovate the Superdome, which we are now supposed to call the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Guess who gets nearly all the revenues generated by Saints games played in this building? If you guessed all those hard-working stiffs who paid a billion dollars, you would be wrong. If you guessed billionaire owner Tom Benson, you would be right. He also receives $6 million per annum from the state as an “inducement payment” to keep him from moving the team.

That’s the same amount Cowboys owner Jerry Jones would pay each year in property taxes to Arlington, Texas, where his fancy new stadium is located. Except that Jones doesn’t pay property taxes because, like many of his fellow plutocrats, he’s cut a sweetheart deal with the local authorities.

Why Being a Football Fan Is Indefensible (via kenyatta)

Public funding of stadiums and arenas makes me so goddamn angry.

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People go like “you can’t force diversity” as if the racial hegemony and absolute heterosexuality in media happened naturally and wasn’t carefully constructed and heavily forced by a white supremacist agenda and society’s obsession with heteronormativity 

I forced the fuck out of the diversity in my group of friends in university, mainly by going to places that I wasn’t the target audience for, or that were designed to support someone other than non-white men.  In return I got a group of friends that was almost evenly split female to male, about 70% white and 30% not (super diverse for that town which was 97% white).  It included:

  • a Taiwanese man who could play the violin and cook amazing food
  • a Japanese woman who could teach you how to snowboard
  • a gay couple, a few straight couples, and a lesbian who’s getting married next year
  • a white guy who knows an awful lot about doctor who and whiskey
  • a canadian guy who forced me to watch anchorman (now one of my favourite movies)
  • a gay man who was black and also french and took interior design with me
  • atheists, catholics, protestants, baptists, and jewish friends

Some of these people I lived with, others were in my wedding, others I now see only via facebook.  But ALL OF THEM made my life so much more interesting and so much better than it would have been if I had only known other straight white girls and dudes. 

And none of that diversity would have happened if I hadn’t gone looking for it - if I had stuck to my regular classes and my same high-school clubs, I can almost guarantee that I would have had a token non-white friend and would have been that girl who “had a black friend” or whatever.

So, yeah, you can force diversity and it can kick all the ass ever.

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