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Desperate to brush the lips of grace.: I don't support gay marriage. I hate divorce unless there is domestic violence involved. I don't support non-believers...


What do all these things have in common? They aren’t the way God intended for marriage to be. Marriage is a holy commitment. Something that is a promise between you, your partner, and God. A man shall leave his home to be joined together with his wife. Marriage is a uniting thing. Marriage is a…

EVEN IF YOU ARE AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE, you should be against this amendment.  Because of the potential harm it does to hetero couples.  Example below:

Person who wrote this post, I don’t know you, and we don’t have a lot in common.  But I do have 2 friends who live in NC, let’s call them L and T .  They are a heterosexual couple in a registered domestic partnership.  Part of the reason they registered is that L knew without that, if she were ever in the hospital, T might not be allowed in to see her.  If this amendment passes, that will be the case, and they will have to get married before they are ready, which is something that often leads to divorce.  If the amendment fails, nothing changes for them, which is how it should be.  L and T get the protection they need while they decide if and when they will get married, gay marriage stays illegal, and nothing changes.

You also mention domestic violence.  Did you know that this amendment might make it harder for un-wed women who are abused by their boyfriends to get restraining orders?  Of course it is not the intended effect, but it is a very real possibility.

Please reconsider your vote.

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