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freckled & joyful: dear big dummies that live in north carolina,


hey, you assholes. how are things going? everything is pretty peachy in my part of this glorious state, except for this one really shitty thing that i really hate that all of y’all are really into. it’s calledamendment one, & you preachy mother fuckers think you are so cool because you are…

^she knows what the deal is.  if you’re in north carolina, no matter what your religious beliefs or moral convictions are, if you have ANY you will vote against this bill.  because gay marriage is already illegal, this would help abusers, this would hurt children, this would offer no protection to heterosexual domestic partnerships, AND this would cost tons in court fees in an already struggling state.

come on North Carolina, I love you, please please please be a state I could be proud to call home again someday.

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